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All City Plumbing Services

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All City Plumbing Proudly Offers these services for Our Customers:

  • Sewer and Drain problems. We have licensed technicians that specialize in sewer and drain issues such as tub stoppages, clogged kitchen sink and laundry lines, roots in sewer lines, sewer line replacement, sewer camera video inspection with location devices to properly pinpoint locate the problem, cast iron removal and replacement and more!
  • Water Heaters. Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, All City plumbing can repair or replace all types of water heaters, and resolve any hot water issues you may have!
  • Tankless Water Heaters. We have over 12 years of experience installing tankless water heaters. We install everything from whole house gas heaters to point of use electric heaters depending on each individual application. We are certified Rinnai installers!
  • Water line leaks. Our licensed plumbers are trained to properly repair leaking pipes and fittings. We repair or replace copper, galvanized, polybutylene pipes, cpvc, pvc, polyethylene, blue poly, grey poly, supply lines, emergency shutoffs, hose bibs, pex piping, etc.
  • Gas lines repaired and installed. Gas leaks can be very dangerous if not properly repaired. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained to diagnose and repair gas lines. We also offer the installation of gas lines for stoves and grills, outdoor lamps, gas dryers, fireplaces and more. We also install gas logs in fireplaces!
  • Garbage disposals. All City plumbing unstops, repairs, and installs all models and makes of garbage disposals.
  • Sewer ejector and sump pumps. Whether you have a sump pump in your crawl space or a sewer ejector pump in your basement, we repair or replace the floats and pumps.
  • Plumbing Fixtures. Including low water consumption fixtures. Custom showers with separate valves for body sprays, rain heads, hand held sprays, shower arms, and steam units are installed to perfect standards. We install “low flow” toilets and swap out old lavatory and kitchen faucets as well. Is that old tub valve leaking? We can repair or replace that for you as well as any other plumbing fixtures in the home.
  • Code upgrades and home inspection punch lists. Every property has a few simple items to be checked regularly. Is your water pressure above 80 psi? GA State plumbing code says “ 604.8- Where water pressure within a building exceeds 80psi(552 kPa) static, an approved water-pressure reducing valve conforming to ASSE 1003 with strainer shall be installed to reduce the pressure in the building water distribution piping to 80psi (552 kPa)static or less. “ It also says ”604.8.1 The pressure-reducing valve shall be designed to remain open to permit uninterrupted water flow in case of failure.” Do you know what this means to you? What happens is, when the PRV fails you don’t even know it. Many Atlanta Area cities and counties have street pressure of 170 psi or more! This can be detrimental to the fixtures in your home, because when the PRV fails it is designed to fail where you don’t even know it. A simple water pressure gauge can determine what your water pressure is, and determine if your PRV has failed. Thermal expansion tanks are required on all water heaters, and vacuum breakers are required on all hose bibs or outside faucets. These are just the most common things often missed to make sure your home is operating at the current plumbing codes for the purpose of public safety. All of the mentioned above safety devises, along with the temperature and pressure relief valve located on ALL water heaters, should be tested and inspected according to the manufacturers recommendations which is often sooner than most of us think about!
  • Septic Services including field line repairs and replacement. All City Plumbing has GA State licensed septic installation and repair experts to properly diagnose your septic problems. Often times when a septic system backs up it’s as little as a stopped up baffle tee that causes the entire house to back up. Other times an entire drainage system may be saturated. Regardless of the source of the problem we can always find the root of the problem and offer you the most economic solution to any septic issues.

These are just a few of our services.

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